Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm lazy, I know

So, I have a lot to catch up on since my last post.

I'm getting old, I know. I'll be SIXTEEN tomorrow! So what have I been up to...
This summer I went to Michigan with my mommy. That was fun. I didn't do much except lie by the pool and wander around in my nana's backyard. It's a dog's life you know.
Before I left for Michigan my vet told my mommy that I needed to have a tooth pulled. "Oh hell no," I said. Mommy didn't want to do it before our trip, so she scheduled the deed for August.
On Austust 10th Mom took me to Dr. Hambright's early in the morning. Not a good thing. Then, they called her around ten and said that I really need to have FOUR teeth pulled! She said okay. Wait! Four? I am not in any pain. Will I be able to chew my Greenies?

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