Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh, Darn...

Remember my New Year's resolution to write more in my blog? Well, that isn't going to happen. I passed away quietly in my sleep last night. I was home with my mommy so I was at peace.

What happened to me? I don't really know. I mean, I am 16. I can barely see. I was doing ok in Michigan except for the falls down the stairs and into the pool. Well, Saturday I was really tired and I slept ALL day. I did go out to do my business, but I really did not want to go for walks. Sunday was the same way. Maybe I was coming down with something. That evening I was breathing weird in bed with Mommy. It kinda sounded like I had a hairball in my throat. Mommy rubbed my tummy and I finally went to sleep.

I was tired when Mommy woke me up Monday to take me out to pee. She carried me out because I have been peeing in the house a lot. I've never done that before. Well, around noon I was lying on the floor and I started making that noise again. Then I pooped while lying down! Also, I was walking backwards. Weird! I couldn't control it! Mommy said something must be wrong, so she called Dr. Hambright. This time, I really wanted to go. They said to bring me in at 4:30. Mommy didn't really want to wait that long.

Well, the diagnosis was not good. Dr. Hambright said my condition was "serious". They did blood work and took four x-rays. Turns out I had a tumor in my abdomen and one behind or in my lungs. He said I most likely had one in my brain too because of the walking backwards thing. Mommy was devastated. She was a bit in shock too. They wanted her to "put me to sleep" right then and there. It was almost 7:00pm by then. She called my nana and my friend, Marcey. Marcey helped my mom decide to bring me home and give me something so I would be comfortable. He shot me (ouch) in my leg muscle with something called Buprenex. I think it is a doggy morphine. All I know is about ten minutes later I felt g o o d! I slept on the car ride home and Mommy lifted me out and carried me into the house and laid me on my blanket in the family room. I slept the whole night.

In the morning I was really thirsty! Mommy helped me find my water bowl and
I took a big long drink. It didn't stay down me though. She offered me some cottage cheese and I didn't want that either. Plus, I didn't even want my favorite raw meat treat! I tried to eat it, but spat it out. Mommy left me for two hours to work and when she came home she couldn't find me! I had scooted backwards and was under the table. She pulled me out and held me. That was nice, but I was shaking and breathing weird. She shot some liquid in my mouth. I felt a little better after that, but the whole day I was grunting and my legs were twitching. Mommy was really sad. She called my Dr. to bring me back to him. She wanted to do it Wednesday morning, but they said 2:00 was the only time they had. She went over there to get more of that liquid stuff [Buprenex] to give me Wednesday.

A lot of my neighbors came over to see me. Mary Lou whispered something nice in my ear. I couldn't tell her or show her that I loved her, but I think she knows that. Marcey and Toby stopped by. Marcey rubbed me and told me she loved me and her voice got funny. Carolyn stopped by too. She was going to drive me and Mommy to my Dr.'s on Wednesday.

Around 5pm my mom gave me more of that liquid stuff. She had to hold my head up, but I took it like a brave soldier. She tried to help me to stand and come into the family room, but I just couldn't. My breathing slowed down around 15 minutes later and a short time later I was finally at peace. My mommy cried. I want her to be okay. I am happy. I am at Rainbow Bridge. My mommy gave me the best love I could ever ask for. I know she loved me and I loved her unconditionally.

Well, that's it... maybe. If I find a laptop in Rainbow Bridge, then I will try to keep true to my New Year's resolution.

Yours truly,

AKA Mr. Mayor

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas 2010 in Michigan (Why do I Have a Bow on My Butt?)

It was a long nine hour drive to Nana's. I didn't mind it too much because I got to sleep in the back seat the whole way! Mommy was really tired though. I had a good time, but I had some bad times too.

First of all, I can't see very well anymore and I fell down the basement stairs twice ! That was not cool! I was okay, just a little sore and shaken. Mommy didn't see me do it the first time and the second time was because I wasn't looking when I walked in from the garage and I just stepped forward instead of turning into the family room. I hate stairs! Mommy carried me up and down the stairs every time at bedtime because once during the summer I slipped down the wooden stairs and skidded into the hall closet. Why does Nana have to have such a big house?

Secondly, I fell in the swimming pool, twice! Yeah, twice! It was dark,cold and snowy. I was pooping and I just turned the wrong way and slipped into the pool. Thankfully it was frozen over like a skating rink. Mommy ran out of the house and jumped down and lifted me out both times. How embarassing! After the second incident Mom wouldn't let me out in the pool area anymore. Plus, it rained the day after Christmas and the pool got slushy.

Another not fun thing that happened to me was I got a haircut. I like the ladies there, but I hate bathtime and I hate being combed! I like how soft my fur is afterwards. So does Mommy. She hugs and kisses me alot. I have to tell her to get off of me!

Overall, Christmas was good. I got lots of treats and good food. I got to see my doggy cousins, Suzy and Fez. I peed in Nana's house. I don't know why. Something weird is going on with me. Nana says it's my diabetes. I've been better now that I am back at home, but I did pee right in front of my mom today while she was sitting on the couch. Sometimes I just can't help it.

My New Year's resolution is to be a better blogger and pee less in the house.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Today's My Barkday!

I'm sixteen! It rained all day today, so I did what I do best: slept. Mommy took me to PetSmart and I peed and pooed in the store:) I love making my mommy embarassed! PetSmart did not have the desserts that Nutro make in a can, so Mom bought me some Caesar meat. Fine with me! I like meat better!

I'm not having a party or anything. It's just me and Mom. I like it that way.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Surgery is No Fun!

(This is what I felt like!)

My mom was really nervous about "putting me under". What the hell does that mean? Under wear? My Dr. gave her all sorts of scary statistics of what could happen to me if she didn't do anything about my decaying teeth. As I mentioned in my previous post, Dr. Hambright suggested to my mom that I have four teeth pulled. Nobody asked me what I wanted to do. I would have said, "I'm good," and smiled.

August 10th came too soon. I had a bad feeling when I hopped into the car at 7:30am. It could only mean one thing: Doom. Well, I don't really remember much about that day to tell you the truth. I was nervous and shaking one minute, then having all these weird dreams the next minute. I think I was flying a plane over the Bermuda Triangle at some point. No wait, that was Amelia Earhart. I came to around 1:30. My head was reeling. I didn't know where I was. I had drool all down my chin. They wanted me to stay for at least 3 more hours until I came to a little more. My mommy showed up early and talked to the people. When they brought me out to my mommy I was happy, but still out of it.

Mom drove me home. I don't remember much of the following 72 hours. I slept a lot. I did not eat much. I know Mom stuck something funny in those chunks of brie she fed me, but I sure felt good after a while. Plus, Mom gave me lots of canned food and raw meat medallions the following weeks.

I am back to eating dry food again, but sadly I don't have much interest in my beloved Greenies anymore. Mom still gives me one every night. She chops it into five smaller pieces. I eat 'em. It's just not the same anymore. I miss my teeth.

I'm lazy, I know

So, I have a lot to catch up on since my last post.

I'm getting old, I know. I'll be SIXTEEN tomorrow! So what have I been up to...
This summer I went to Michigan with my mommy. That was fun. I didn't do much except lie by the pool and wander around in my nana's backyard. It's a dog's life you know.
Before I left for Michigan my vet told my mommy that I needed to have a tooth pulled. "Oh hell no," I said. Mommy didn't want to do it before our trip, so she scheduled the deed for August.
On Austust 10th Mom took me to Dr. Hambright's early in the morning. Not a good thing. Then, they called her around ten and said that I really need to have FOUR teeth pulled! She said okay. Wait! Four? I am not in any pain. Will I be able to chew my Greenies?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Here is a picture of the cake Toby's mom bought and a cute picture of Samantha. I wanted to add them to my previous post but didn't know how to post them under my blog. I'm a dog - what do you expect?

Birthday Fun!

Last week we had a birthday party for Toby Keith (the dog, not the singer!) on my deck. Toby is my friend and neighbor. He is just four years old - boy, the good old days! His mommy bought a cake from Living Ruff, our favorite store in Silver Spring! It was yummy! We also had frozen smoothies and some spinach bones that my mommy made for Toby. They were quite tasty if you ask me.

Samantha is our newest neighbor. She stopped by too. She is very pretty. It was fun. Our mommies didn't make us wear silly hats, thank God! All I wish is that Annie could of been there, but I know she was smiling down at us from a very happy place.